Dominic Davis and his “Black Jack”

Dominic Davis brought out his black Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar for the 2nd leg of Jack White’s sold out world tour. They’re in the U.S. this month.

Here’s what Dominic had to say about his Jack Casady bass:

I love the Jack Casady because it gives you that quick decay that an upright has. I have a lot of hollowbody basses, but most of them are short scale like a Hofner. The Jack Casady plays like one of those, but stays in tune and feels like all of my other regular scale basses. Plus, it’s versatile. My other hollowbody basses sound great, but they only have one sound. The Jack Casady really gives you a lot to work with. I highly recommend it with flat wounds. Read More about Dominic.