Electric Hot Tuna plays Bill Graham’s 81st Birthday Bash

Electric Hot Tuna is proud to be  a part of Bill Graham’s 81st Birthday Bash which will help raise money for the Bill Graham Memorial Foundation.

The Bill Graham Memorial Foundation, was formed in January of  2008 in memory of the legendary rock impresario, Bill Graham. The  foundation is a public charity that is funded through individual and  corporate contributions and grants.

The Foundation is guided by a broad-based group which includes  Bill’s sons, several former long-time employees of Bill Graham Presents  and other community leaders.

A mission of The Bill Graham Memorial Foundation is the giving  of grants primarily in the areas of music, the arts and education, while  also supporting social work, environmental protection, and spiritual  and compassionate projects in our community. In this spirit, The Bill  Graham Memorial Foundation seeks to assist those whose needs are  oftentimes not served by larger philanthropic organizations. The mission  includes education and outreach programs, the establishment of a museum  and of an annual community award, the “Bill Graham Awards”. The  Foundation holds annual fundraising events in San Francisco and New  York.

If you have never heard Bill’s story you should. It is an amazing tale of an American Hero!