Electric Hot Tuna Summer Tour Wraps Up


How I spent my summer. The Electric Hot Tuna summer tour has been fantastic! An action-packed, whirlwind of shows up the east coast. The fans were gracious and inviting. Thanks for all the kind words and shows of support. Words alone cannot express how I feel about our fans, they are the best! Not only do they show up for the shows, but they’re there to rock it out! Thanks so much, I love you all. Thanks also to my band mates, especially Skoota, who makes coming to work exciting and fun.
The tour ended with the band playing 4 times in a stretch of 21 hours, Acoustic Hot Tuna Saturday at Fur Peace Ranch and then 3 times at Floyd Fest, Acoustic Hot Tuna Sunday Jul 28 11:00 AM on the VA FOLKLORE WORKSHOP PORCH, Acoustic Hot Tuna at 12:30 PM on the DREAMING CREEK MAIN STAGE and Sunday at 3:45 PM Electric Hot Tuna on the STREAMLINE STAGE AT HILL HOLLER. What a run!