Jack Casady’s search for a more natural bass tonality led him to a chance encounter with a 1972 Les Paul Signature bass, which inspired him and the folks at Epiphone to perfect the concept once and for all.




Aguilar Amplification is dedicated to using superior engineering processes to make advanced musical tools for bass players. They believe that their products contribute greatly to the voice of the instrument. And so do I. The bass, amplifier and cabinet all function together as one.




Alessandro High-End Instrument Cables are the finest cables currently available for musical instruments. Manufactured with functionally-perfect silver and copper conductors protected by high-performance insulation, these cables have significantly better response and dynamics than any traditional cable.




Dean-Markly is a bunch of great people who truly love what they do. Their employees work diligently to insure that they manufacture the world’s finest Bass strings that can be found anywhere in the world.




Analysis Plus is scientifically proven to be the world’s best sounding cables. What else needs to be said?




Audix is a shining example of what can be achieved when a vision is fuelled by imagination, passion, persistence, and hard work. Audix is one of the most recognized microphone companies in the industry, consistently raising the bar in the pro audio world with innovative, award-winning products.




Aviom’s mission is to create innovative, technology-based products that address the real-world needs of audio professionals and musicians working in a variety of environments. With its second generation of A-Net products, the Pro64® Series, Aviom has simplified system design while enhancing control, flexibility, and performance.