Getting Re-acquainted with the Big Bus


Meet my old friend the Tour Bus. Over the years it has been a love – hate relationship. Lately, it’s been all about love. Jorma, Barry and I are on the tail end of our Spring Acoustic Hot Tuna tour. The bus has taken us to some of our favorite stomping grounds, including the Keswick Theater, The Birchmere, and Ramshead Tavern. It has also taken us to some new favorites like the Pisgah Brewing Company in Black Mountain, NC.

It has been a wonderful spring tour with some great sets and monster jams. Jill Sobule has accompanied us for most of the tour and has been outstanding. Old friends, like Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, GE Smith and Steve Kimock have all joined us to create some memorable moments and fantastic music. It has been a pleasure to see a lot of old friends and fans at many of our shows. Their love and devotion is heartfelt. I can’t say enough about our fans. We have been blessed beyond fortune. Thank you all for your love and kindness. Your continued support is lovingly appreciated.

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the passing of our old friend Joey Covington. We were on the road when we heardjoey-covington the news. It was a sad moment. One of reflection. Joey was a solid drummer. He came into the Jefferson Airplane orbit when it was spinning out of control. It was a rough time at the end. The weight of our personalities must have been a difficult burden for someone who just wanted to play music and have a good time. He tried his best to keep the spirit of JA going. I will remember Joey as a fellow traveler. A bright young kid with an affectionate smile and sincere personality. And I was glad to hear that he was rocking it out up until the day he died. I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to Joey’s family and friends. Be assured he is keeping the beat in Heaven’s All Star Band. Peace and love to you all.