In Loving Memory – Diana Balfour Casady

Diana Balfour Casady June 11, 1947 - September 08, 2012

Jack would like to thank EVERYONE for their love and support during these very difficult times. It has been a long and arduous September, from leaving the tour, cancelling shows, making heart-wrenching decisions and enduring the long wait. It has been heartbreaking. Jack has made it through because of all the incredible people who make the end of life as comfortable and peaceful as possible. Jack’s heart goes out to all the doctors, nurses and hospice care personnel who’s mission is to make dying a peaceful and dignified experience. God Bless you all.

If you would like to leave a comment, you can visit the memorial website that Vanessa and the Fur Peace staff set up to honor Diana. Thanks again, to all the fans, friends and family who have supported Jack and Diana through this whole process.

Peace and Love