Join Electric Hot Tuna at Wanee 2012

Fur Peace Ranch On The Road at 2012 Wanee Music Festival

Join Electric Hot Tuna at the 2012 Wanee Music Festival. Click Here for Tickets.

You can also join Jack and Jorma for a special Double Dose Guitar Workshop at Wanee!

Fur Peace Ranch, for the very first time, now takes a festival version of their workshops On-The-Road to the Wanee Festival. Festival attendees will be able to participate in Guitar Workshops with Jorma Kaukonen, Bass Workshops with Jack Casady, Percussion Workshops with Mickey Hart. There will also be special Q&A sessions with several of the 2012 Wanee performers all hosted by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Jorma Kaukonen. These sessions will provide Wanee attendees a very rare and unique opportunity to “peek behind the veil” and hear first-hand from the musicians themselves about the music we all love so much! Sign Up Here

Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen


Due to the limited time available for these workshops and to help best convey the nature, quality and intimacy of Fur Peace Ranch these workshops will be limited to 25 students per session (unless otherwise noted). Workshops/Clinics are open to all qualified musicians. Applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis.

Guitar students will need to bring an acoustic guitar along with them to the festival (and workshop).

Bass students will need to bring their bass guitar to the festival (and workshop). Bass amps will be provided to students for the class session.

All workshops $75*

Q & As

Our Q & A sessions are open to everyone. These will fundamentally be an open discussion between a moderator (Jorma) and a specified performer about music, music history, the culture of music and its inter-relation to social history. Their discussion will be followed by a Q & A session from the audience (or participants will be able to submit questions). We expect that these discussions will be educational, informative and fun! (and a great way to preview future programs that will be offered by the newly formed Fur Peace Ranch Center for Art and Culture).

All Q & As $50*

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Focus on the things you love, listen with an open heart, and the music will speak for itself! – Jorma Kaukonen