For Your Information: NYC, Close to Sold Out!

Attention Hot Tuna Fans! If you were thinking of going to the Hot Tuna shows in New York City this fall, you better act quick! Word is that there are less than 200 tickets left for the Friday, November 22, 2013 show at the Concert Hall@NYSEC. And the Saturday November 23, 2013 show at the Beacon Theater is over 50% sold. So we are estimating that the Concert Hall will sell out in the next couple of weeks and The Beacon sometime in October, a good month before the show.

So, just a heads up to all you procrastinators out there (you know who you are), buy your tickets soon or you might not have a chance. Good Luck!

And to all those fans who have already bought tickets, Thank You! and we’ll see in November!


Hot Tuna to Play Filmore for SEVA Benefit

Hot Tuna is set to join The Blind Boys of Alabama and Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk on Saturday, November 2,2013 for a benefit show for SEVA. The “Sing Out for Seva” concert will be hosted by Wavy Gravy.

The Seva Foundation started as a small group with a big idea, and the idea was this: To be fully human, we must translate our compassion and concern into useful service.

That simple statement conveys something about the nature of compassion that is expressed in most spiritual traditions around the world — that compassion is not just about helping those less fortunate than ourselves, it’s about the realization that we are all connected as one human family.

If you buy VIP Tickets you get to meet and greet with Jack and Jorma and the other artists. Come on out to support a great cause!

VIP Tickets are only available through the Seva Foundation web site. These include: A post show meet and greet reception with the artists, a limited edition event poster signed by Wavy Gray and a collectors laminate pass.

Electric Hot Tuna Summer Tour Wraps Up


How I spent my summer. The Electric Hot Tuna summer tour has been fantastic! An action-packed, whirlwind of shows up the east coast. The fans were gracious and inviting. Thanks for all the kind words and shows of support. Words alone cannot express how I feel about our fans, they are the best! Not only do they show up for the shows, but they’re there to rock it out! Thanks so much, I love you all. Thanks also to my band mates, especially Skoota, who makes coming to work exciting and fun.
The tour ended with the band playing 4 times in a stretch of 21 hours, Acoustic Hot Tuna Saturday at Fur Peace Ranch and then 3 times at Floyd Fest, Acoustic Hot Tuna Sunday Jul 28 11:00 AM on the VA FOLKLORE WORKSHOP PORCH, Acoustic Hot Tuna at 12:30 PM on the DREAMING CREEK MAIN STAGE and Sunday at 3:45 PM Electric Hot Tuna on the STREAMLINE STAGE AT HILL HOLLER. What a run!

Getting Re-acquainted with the Big Bus


Meet my old friend the Tour Bus. Over the years it has been a love – hate relationship. Lately, it’s been all about love. Jorma, Barry and I are on the tail end of our Spring Acoustic Hot Tuna tour. The bus has taken us to some of our favorite stomping grounds, including the Keswick Theater, The Birchmere, and Ramshead Tavern. It has also taken us to some new favorites like the Pisgah Brewing Company in Black Mountain, NC.

It has been a wonderful spring tour with some great sets and monster jams. Jill Sobule has accompanied us for most of the tour and has been outstanding. Old friends, like Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, GE Smith and Steve Kimock have all joined us to create some memorable moments and fantastic music. It has been a pleasure to see a lot of old friends and fans at many of our shows. Their love and devotion is heartfelt. I can’t say enough about our fans. We have been blessed beyond fortune. Thank you all for your love and kindness. Your continued support is lovingly appreciated.

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the passing of our old friend Joey Covington. We were on the road when we heardjoey-covington the news. It was a sad moment. One of reflection. Joey was a solid drummer. He came into the Jefferson Airplane orbit when it was spinning out of control. It was a rough time at the end. The weight of our personalities must have been a difficult burden for someone who just wanted to play music and have a good time. He tried his best to keep the spirit of JA going. I will remember Joey as a fellow traveler. A bright young kid with an affectionate smile and sincere personality. And I was glad to hear that he was rocking it out up until the day he died. I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to Joey’s family and friends. Be assured he is keeping the beat in Heaven’s All Star Band. Peace and love to you all.

Jack Turns 69!

Thanks to everyone who helped Jack celebrate his 69th Birthday! last week at the Wanee Music Festival. A special thank you to Jorma, Barry, Skoota and all the Hot Tuna Family and Friends. It was a special moment. Here’s to many more!

love and peace

Jack Donates Items to the Psylodelic Gallery

Rolling Stone Magazine did a nice story on the new Fur Peace Ranch venture, Psylodelic Museum and Gallery. The Psylodelic Gallery will include installations like: show posters from some of the best-known acts of the 60’s & 70’s, clothing and jewelry worn at events like Woodstock and on national television performances, original photographs and art prints, and much more.

The Gallery will also consists of audio and video recordings of experiences people had during the psychedelic era. They have worked to compile some of these stories already, and are continuing this process of building our “storyboard” fixture and a video wall of these recordings to be a permanent element here at the Psylodelic Gallery.

Check out the time-lapsed video of the construction of the Psylodelic silo.

New Show Added: Boulder Colorado Saturday, May 18, 2013

Electric Hot Tuna heads to the Sunshine State this week (4/18) to play the Wanee Music Festival. If you are in the area you should check out this wonderful music festival.

Acoustic Hot Tuna just added a new show to it’s Spring/Summer tour. They will be playing the Boulder Theaterin Boulder Colorado on Saturday, May 18. Steve Kimock will be joining Jack and Jorma for a special night of blues.

Check out Steve performing with Electric Hot Tuna.

Acoustic Hot Tuna Hits the Mountain States

Here is a review of a recent show from Hot Tuna’s swing through the Mountain States. Jack provides a teaser from the “good old days”.  Read on:

Tribune editor Peter S. Lozancich attended the Hot Tuna show at the State Room on Saturday, Feb. 16, and here is his review: So in synch was Hot Tuna at the State Room on Saturday night that, at times, the trio of bass, guitar and mandolin melded into one instrument. The phenomenon shouldn’t have been a surprise considering the experience on stage. Jorma Kaukonen, 72, and Jack Casady, 68, founded Hot Tuna in 1969, and have been playing together for 50 years or so; Barry Mitterhoff added his multi-instrumental talents to the band in 2003. On songs such as “Come Back Baby,” “I Know You Rider,” and “Children of Zion,” from Hot Tuna’s latest release, “Steady as She Goes,” Kaukonen would pluck out a series of riffs or chord progressions on his guitar, then Casady would add depth with the bass line and Mitterhoff would jump in on the high end with his mandolin.Shortly after that, you’d be lost as to where one instrument ended and the other began. Lucky you.Musical craftsmanship is to be expected at a Hot Tuna show; musical transcendence, though? Sure, why not?The music mesmerized perceptions into believing that this trinity of instruments became one (and maybe even holy), but it didn’t disorient. Quite the contrary. The music buoyed you in a peaceful appreciation of the harmony. Then the musicians had a little fun, sweeping you high and low out of that comfort zone as they took turns soloing. Such was the case with “Hesitation Blues,” one of the band’s signature songs and one of the early high points of Saturday’s show, where Casady showed off the decades of practice and Mitterhoff proved he could hold his own with the living legends seated to his right.On “Winin’ Boy Blues,” the transitions from song to solo and back to song were so fluid it was hard to discern if it was a well-rehearsed routine or if the band was just so tight it could roll with the improvisations of each musician.But never describe the band as a fine-tuned machine. There was nothing mechanical about this show. The performance was, like the custom teas the band was selling along with CDs and T-shirts in the lobby, organic, as if the music was rising off the separate instruments in a mist and blending in the atmosphere of the auditorium. Intoxicating, but not psychedelic.The one hint to Kaukonen and Casady’s time with Jefferson Airplane — a request from the audience for one of the old hits — triggered a brief “White Rabbit” bass line out of Casady, and a cry from Kaukonen: “I’m having a flashback.” Someone backstage flipped a rainbow of lights on and off, then the band jumped right into “Let Us Get Together,” one of several songs by the Rev. Gary Davis that the band loves and played Saturday night.Americana, folk, blues and bluegrass, not pop music, is what interests these musicians. Kaukonen delivers the lyrics in a talking-singing style that doesn’t really command your attention. The lyrics are gospel-driven in songs like the Rev. Gary Davis’ “I’m the Light of This World,” humorous, as in “BBQ King” or beautifully reflective, as in “Second Chances,” another song off “Steady as She Goes.” But it seems as if the lyrics are there just to wrap the music around. The band members put their imprint on the old songs, delighting and surprising the audience with the variations. The music rose above all Saturday night.Some of the credit goes to the fine acoustics of the State Room, which seemingly allowed every note to ring out clearly. The talents of the band, of course, played a role, too.”Good Shepherd,” which Kaukonen said was originally called “Blood-Stained Banders,” about the nation’s home-grown “terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan,” roused the crowd in the sold-out venue and again featured those wandering solos.During the night, Mitterhoff would go on to show his range, exchanging mandolin for octave mandolin on various songs. He broke out a tenor guitar for “How Long Blues” and an instrumental version of “Candyman” and deployed the ukelele on “Doctor Gonna Fix It.”The band came out for an encore with more enchantment, delivering the instrumental “Water Song,” and away floated the night.

You can follow more of the tour on Jorma’s blog Cracks In The Finish

History in Sound! The Reissue of 8 Hot Tuna Albums

Culture Factory USA, just released the essential, historic Hot Tuna discography in limited editions in our unique Vinyl Replica format. These products include 8 high quality re-mastered audio compact-discs in packages that meticulously reproduce all the components of the original LPs, but in compact-disc size (5.3 x 5.3 inches) with authentic single or gatefold cardboard jackets and paper sleeves and even a black finish CD complete with the original label to give it the look and feel of the LP record album.

Look for these limited edition CDs with the “Legends of Rock” logo at the Fur Peace Store!

Winter is here, Jamaica is near!

BBrrrrrrr, here comes winter!! Snowstorm Euclid ripped through the mid-west and east coast reminding us that winter is here. The good news is, you can still join Hot Tuna on the beaches of Jamaica. Don’t put it off. You going to want a tropical retreat after a couple more winter snowstorm’s.

Hot Tuna will join fellow rockers Little Feat during their 11th Annual Feat Fan Excursion at the Breezes Grand Resort & Spa in Negril. There are 6 levels of rooms available each with their own amenities and pricing structure for this all-inclusive 4-night event March 6 – 10, 2013. In addition,5,6,7 and 8 night packages are also available starting on March 5th. For more information contact:

Island Gigs Travel Team
Call 1-888-423-7738
visit the web site HERE
or email at:


You know you want to. And you know you will regret it if you don’t. So join us in Jamaica in 2013!