Charles “Chick” Casady 1939-2012

We lost my dear brother Charles Casady, known as Chick, on April 25, 2012. Chick died about 8:00pm in his home town of San Francisco, in hospice care. I had talked with him Monday night, April 23. He sounded good then and I told him I loved him. He went the way he wanted, I believe. Chick really did live life at times to it’s fullest. He was a true music fan, the kind any musician would love to have in the audience. He was my older brother, and I will always remember many good times we shared during our lifetime together. God Bless you Chick. Your loving brother, Jack

Another Man Done Gone A Full Go Around – Levon Helm 1940-2012

“Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall,
You got to go when the good Lord calls
You may not be laughing still We cry
Never got a chance to say good-bye”

These words are from Roy Book Binder’s song, Another Man Done a Full Go Round, that Jorma recorded on his solo album, River of Time. The song comes to mind every time I hear about another close friend passing away. It certainly came to mind when I heard the news about Levon Helms.

Jorma recorded River of Time at Lee’s Studio in Woodstock, NY. Hot Tuna also recorded it’s first studio album in 20 years, Steady As She Goes, at the Barn. It was one of the best experiences we’ve ever had in a recording studio. Lee made us feel right at home and then challenged us to create some great rock and roll.

Levon was a dear friend, and words can not convey the true spirit of the man. He was part philosopher, part musical genius and part Dirt Farmer. He had a remarkable career and help create the songs that were the soundtrack to our lives.

Diane and I would like to send our sincerest condolences to Lee’s wife Sandy and daughter Amy. You are in our hearts and prayers. Love, peace and blessings to you.  -Jack and Diane Casady

Jack Bass Sighting – Brian Ray – Paul McCartney’s Band

If you were watching the Grammy’s last month you might have spotted the Gold Top being played byBrian Ray the bass player in Paul McCartney’s band. Below is a video of Brian joining Paul on an awesome version of “Golden Slumbers.” See if you can spot Jack’s Bass.

Jim Marshall – Manufacturer of Sound

“I would like to send my condolences out to Jim Marshall’s family. I have always been a fan of the “all-tube” amps and Marhsalls were certainly one of the best! The first amps in the early 60’s used the now famous 12AX7 vacuum tube which helped produce the tone that defined rock and roll music. At the urging of Pete Townsend, Jim built the first 100 watt amplifier and thus started the sound wars of many British bands. Jim Marshall’s innovations had a huge impact on the music industry. He will be missed, but his legacy lives on!” – Jack

Here is a nice tribute to Jim Marshall by Paul McCartney

Just In – New DVD – Electric Hot Tuna Live at the Beacon Theater – December 3&4, 2010

Jorma’s 70th Birthday Bash at the Beacon Theater in NYC on December 3 & 4, 2010 was a very special night, if not a historic one. Electric Hot Tuna and Friends lit up both nights with straight on rock and roll. It was a celebration of Jorma’s Birthday for sure, but it was also a celebration of a lifetime of friendships and musical camaraderie. The night was captured on video by a small crew with hand held cameras. Shot in standard definition, the video was strictly meant for personal archival footage. But the concert was so good and music so great that everyone decided it needed to be released. So here you go! The DVD is a collection of selected songs from both nights of Jorma’s Birthday at the Beacon Theatre in NYC, December 3 & 4, 2010.

Below is a list of tracks and artists that appear on the DVD:

Friday Night:

I See the Light
If This Is Love (I Want My Money Back)
I Can Tell
Come Back Baby
Water Song

Saturday Night:

Been So Long
Bowlegged Woman
Walking Blues
Hometown Blues
99 Year Blues
Funky #7
Baby What Do You Want Me To Do?

Hot Tuna Electric:

Jorma Kaukonen
Jack Casady
Barry Mitterhoff
Skoota Warner

Special Guests:

Bob Steeler
Oteil Burbridge
Larry Campbell
Steve Earle
Michael Falzarano
John Hammond
Warren Haynes
Byron House
Bill Kirchen
Pete Sears
Bob Weir

Only $20.00

Thanks Everyone for your support in this project. Special Thanks to Jorma, Jack and Vanessa for making it happen! And to you our fans, with all our love!

Jack Casady at the Fur Peace Ranch

Calling all Bass Guitarists

Jack only has a few spots open for his Fur Peace Ranch Workshops on the following dates:

AUGUST 10 – 13, 2012: Couples’ Weekend


NOVEMBER 9 – 12, 2012

Here is his workshop description:

Bass Guitar Fundamentals Level 2 This workshop introduces basic scales, left and right hand techniques and simple bass lines. Soon, students will learn the skill of “walking” the basses, playing shuffle feels, blues progressions, extended lines and octave substitutions with patient instruction from a master player. You will get hands -on experience, learning fundamentals and creating the rhythmic drive for country, blues and rock styles.

If you have been wanting to take one of his workshops, now is the time to apply.

Interview with No Treble

Jack gives a very nice interview with No Treble

Here’s a small excerpt:

“Well I think tone is essential. I think tone is your signature as to who you are. Before you get to the notes, and your style and the kind of riffs you like to do or your influences, I think you have to develop and pay attention to the way you make the tone on your instrument and what pleases you. The music builds around the tone. It isn’t just a series of notes or the articulation or the technique. The signature sound of a great musician is his tone and that sets him apart from others, and I think that is essential. That’s the beginning place to start from.”

You can read the interview at No Treble, Part One and Part Two

You can also check out the cool interview that goes along with the interview

Jack Bass Spotting – Laura Cupit

Isn't she sexy! Oh, and Laura is pretty cute too 🙂

Another spotting of the Jack Casady Bass. This time it’s Laura Cupit from Darren Jay & the Delta Souls and the Eric Hughes Band. Epiphone ran a nice article about her and her new bass. Check it out

Join Electric Hot Tuna at Wanee 2012

Fur Peace Ranch On The Road at 2012 Wanee Music Festival

Join Electric Hot Tuna at the 2012 Wanee Music Festival. Click Here for Tickets.

You can also join Jack and Jorma for a special Double Dose Guitar Workshop at Wanee!

Fur Peace Ranch, for the very first time, now takes a festival version of their workshops On-The-Road to the Wanee Festival. Festival attendees will be able to participate in Guitar Workshops with Jorma Kaukonen, Bass Workshops with Jack Casady, Percussion Workshops with Mickey Hart. There will also be special Q&A sessions with several of the 2012 Wanee performers all hosted by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Jorma Kaukonen. These sessions will provide Wanee attendees a very rare and unique opportunity to “peek behind the veil” and hear first-hand from the musicians themselves about the music we all love so much! Sign Up Here

Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen


Due to the limited time available for these workshops and to help best convey the nature, quality and intimacy of Fur Peace Ranch these workshops will be limited to 25 students per session (unless otherwise noted). Workshops/Clinics are open to all qualified musicians. Applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis.

Guitar students will need to bring an acoustic guitar along with them to the festival (and workshop).

Bass students will need to bring their bass guitar to the festival (and workshop). Bass amps will be provided to students for the class session.

All workshops $75*

Q & As

Our Q & A sessions are open to everyone. These will fundamentally be an open discussion between a moderator (Jorma) and a specified performer about music, music history, the culture of music and its inter-relation to social history. Their discussion will be followed by a Q & A session from the audience (or participants will be able to submit questions). We expect that these discussions will be educational, informative and fun! (and a great way to preview future programs that will be offered by the newly formed Fur Peace Ranch Center for Art and Culture).

All Q & As $50*

Find Out More Here

Focus on the things you love, listen with an open heart, and the music will speak for itself! – Jorma Kaukonen

Thanks for the Blessings!

Chick and Jack Casady

I would like to thank everyone out there who sent many positive vibrations to me and my family the past couple of weeks. My brother Charles “Chick” Casady suffered a massive heart attack Wednesday, January 4, 2012. He is recovering and doing so much better than expected! Jorma and Chick were high school buddies in Washington, DC. Jorma started a Prayer Circle on his blog, Cracks In The Finish, and it sure seems to be working!!!!

With Love and Appreciation,